Discounts for siblings & friends

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We positively encourage and welcome siblings and friends of our participants with special educational needs!

Please note that all the participants with special educational needs ski on a one to one basis and cannot share one instructor with another participant. However, whenever possible, all the siblings or friends will ski at the same location (with their own instructors), share breaks, lunches and other activities together.

Our fabulous family discount!!!

The third participant in a family, sharing skiing and all the activities with their sibling/friend (i.e. with the second participant) receives a free Skiing4all Program! 

To qualify for this special offer, two participants must be able to ski together and share the same daily activities with one staff member between them. This means that the two siblings / friends will have no special educational needs and will be of similar age and skiing ability. (The lowest value program free. Not available during school holidays.)

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